Hi, I’m Jenny. This is my family:golden-family-3

The guy with the Hitler-esque hairdo is my husband Josh. Those two adorable little girls are my daughters Hannah and Eve. I am, of course, the redhead in bellbottoms. That little dude floating in the sky? That’s my son Luke. Luke died a few years ago from a rare genetic disease called Miller Dieker Syndrome. He was 16 months old. My three-year-old, who never met Luke, wanted to include him in this family sticker-portrait, so she put him in the sky, to show that he is in heaven. And now you know why there is a Cry section on this website.

To be clear, my family does not normally stand around at attention, as this sign would have you believe.

Other things about me that you should know? Let’s see. Three things I love: cheese, bats, and warm puppy bellies. Three things I loathe: mousse of any kind, Kirsten Dunst, and camellias. It takes a special kind of person to hate a flower. I like to believe I have what it takes to be that person.

Stay a while. Read a bit. I hope you find something that tickles your fancy. Looking for a chuckle? Head on over to the Laugh page. Need a good cry? Well, that’s OK, too. Or jump around. In the immortal words of Dolly Parton, “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.”

You probably just came here wanting to know what a mommibomb is. So, now that you’ve read all of the other stuff, I’ll tell you…

Mommibomb:  (noun) The act of attacking a prone baby, usually during a diaper change, by raising your hands far above his or her body, screaming “Mommeeee Boooomb” and swooping in to tickle the shit out of his/her little bloated belly.