Random Musings and Reportage

In Defense of Halloween Decorations

There is a fiery debate raging on my neighborhood listserv. There are two, actually. The first, now with more than 117 comments, concerns a county-sponsored deer culling program that has pitted conservationists and hunters against ardent animal lovers, with load of name-calling and a sprinkle of venison recipes thrown in for good measure. The thread… Continue reading In Defense of Halloween Decorations

The Great Wall of America

June 12, 2017 It sometimes seems like we’ve already built a wall. It’s a wall that divides urban and rural, the coasts and the heartland, conservatives and liberals. It’s a wall that has been constructed not of bricks and mortar but of Facebook feeds and coffee preferences. We live in an age of seemingly endless… Continue reading The Great Wall of America


Believe it or not, I occasionally write about something other than myself…